Asian Dishes

Choice of Rice: Steamed Rice or Fried Rice

D1. Kung Pao Chicken (Spicy)    
D2. Broccoli | Beef or Chicken |
D3. General Tso's Chicken (Spicy)
D4. Sesame Seed Chicken 
D5. Shaking Beef | BÒ LÚC LẮC
D6. Stir-fried Beef/Chicken & Basil| Bò/Gà Xào Lá Quế 

Spicy Kung Pao sauce with peanuts, onions,

 green & red bell peppers, & dry chili

Brown garlic sauce with broccoli & carrots

Sweet general spicy brown sauce with  green beans, onions, & dry chili

Batter-fried chicken with pineapple & sweet sesame sauce

Wok seared steak with onions, lettuce, tomatoes, & steamed rice

Served with thai basil, green beans, onions, & steamed rice