Beef Noodle Soup - Phở

P1. CombinationPhở Ðặc Biệt

Noodle soup with fat brisket, round steak, flank, brisket, tendon, meatball and tripe

P10. Round Steak Phở Tái 
P11. Flank Phở Nạm 

Vietnamese beef broth noodle soup with rice noodles, onions, & cilantro

P2. Round Steak & Meatballs Phở Tái Bò Viên 
P3. Round Steak & Brisket Phở Tái Chín 
P4. Round Steak & Flank Phở Tái Nạm  
P5. Round Steak & Tendon Phở Tái Gân
P12. Brisket Phở Chín 
P13. Chicken Phở Gà
P14. Shrimp Phở Tôm
P15. Meatballs Phở Bò Viên 
P6. Round Steak & Tripe Phở Tái Sách 
P16. Tofu & Vegetables Phở Rau
P7. Round Steak & Fat Brisket Phở Tái Gầu 
P8. Pho With Noodles Only Phở Không Thịt
P9. Spicy Rice Noodle Soup With Hue Style Bún Bò Huế
P17. Seafood Phở Đồ Biển

Noodle soup with shrimp,

fish balls, & squid

Beef soup with beef, pork, and congealed pork blood